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1.The Nanking Massacre Project 南京大屠杀
by Yale University
Modern; China; History; Databases;Archive.
in English; Chinese
A Digital Archive of Documents & Photographs from American Missionaries Who Witnessed the Rape of Nanking. The project is from the Special Collections of the Yale Divinity School Library.
2.Chung Sai Yat Po 中西日报
by Online Archive Of California
Modern; Premodern; United States; China; Chinese-Americans; History; Diasporas; Newspapers;
in English; Chinese
Chung Sai Yat Po was published in San Francisco from Feb. 1900 to 1951. It has a long publishing history and almost all its issues survived. It provides readers important sources about the history of Chinese immigration in the first half of the twentieth century. The collection includes 14 microfilm reels and 1,460 online items. Selected issues can be viewed on the website.
3.Ricci Roundtable on the History of Christianity in China 點睛論壇 : 中國基督宗教史研究電腦信息庫
by University Of San Francisco
Premodern; China; World; History; Religion; Culture; Archive;Biographies.
in English
The Ricci Roundtable is a database developed and maintained by the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco for the use of academic research on the topic of Christianity in China. The database has a strong collection of archival, bibliographic and biographic resources on the history of Christian missions in China during the past few centuries.
4.Christian Sources in New Local Gazetteers of China 中國新方誌中的基督宗教資料
by Hong Kong Spirit Seminary College
Contemporary; China; History; Religion; Archive;Local Gazetteers.
in Chinese
The online database, Christian Sources in New Local Gazetteers of China, is the result of a seminal project undertaken by the Hong Kong Christian Council and Hong Kong Spirit Seminary College (of the Roman Catholic Church). The database specializes in delivering digitalized Christian sources excerpted from the New Local Gazetteers of China, published between the 1980s and the 2000s. It covers Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Nestorian and Judaic sources as are recorded in the New Local Gazetteers of various administrative levels.
5.Online Union Catalogue of Chinese Local Gazetteers 中國大陸各省地方志書目查詢系統
by Academia Sinica Of Taiwan
Premodern; Modern; China; History; Multidisciplinary; Databases;Local Gazetteers.
in Chinese
This database has been developed by the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, and is an important online tool to look for bibliographic and holdings information for Chinese Local Gazetteers. The database is based on the Union Catalogue of Chinese Local Gazetteers published in 1985 by the Academy of Sciences in mainland China, which contains bibliographic information for 8,200 local gazetteers compiled before 1949 and currently held by 190 libraries and institutes across mainland China. In addition, the database also collects the information of over 2,000 New Gazetteers published after 1949.
6.IDEAS: an Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies
by St. Olaf College
Contemporary; Modern; China; East Asia; Culture; Multidisciplinary; Art; Photographs & Images;Databases.
in English
The goal of the Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies [IDEAS] is to unify digitizing efforts already in progress at various campuses into a shared searchable database, open to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. IDEAS focuses on the generally underrepresented area of Asia in an attempt to make multi-media materials more widely available for specialists and non-specialists alike. IDEAS is the first multi-institutional, interdisciplinary, pan-Asian searchable database in the country.
7.E-Asia Digital Library
by University Of Oregon
Contemporary; Modern; East Asia; China; Multidisciplinary; History; Culture; Databases;Digital Libraries.
in English
The e-Asia Digital Library is a digital collection developed by the University of Oregon Library. The project aims to build "a collection of digitalized e-books and a database of full text web resources" to contribute to research and scholarship on East Asia, while not duplicating nor displacing printed traditional materials. The focus is on East Asia, including China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea (South and North). It currently holds over 4,000 items.
8.Buddhanet Ebooks
by Buddha Dharma Education Association
Premodern; Modern; World; China; Religion; Culture; Rare Books; E-books;Guides.
in English
BuddhaNet is a nonsectarian organization aiming to link up with the growing worldwide culture of people committed to the Buddha's teachings and lifestyle. Without focusing on any sect's beliefs or practices, its website provides a diverse variety of quality resources about Buddhism in general, including a World Buddhist Directory, BuddhaZine-Online Magazine, Insight Meditation Online, and the Buddhist eLibrary. In particular, the Buddhist eLibrary is set up to support the free dissemination of digital Buddhist educational materials around the world.
9.Harvard University Library Visual Information Access (VIA)
by Harvard University
Contemporary; Modern; World; China; Art; Culture; History; Databases;Photographs & Images.
in English
VIA is a growing online union catalogue at Harvard University Library, documenting the arts, material culture, and social history. It contains descriptive records and images representing paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, prints, architecture, decorative arts, trade cards, rubbings, theater designs, maps and plans from participating archives, museums, libraries, and other collections throughout Harvard University. Included are thousands of digital images on China, Japan, and Korea.
10.Chinese Canadian Women 1923-1967: Inspiration - Innovation - Ingenuity
by Multicultural History Society Of Ontario
Modern; Contemporary; Canada; Women & Gender; Chinese-Canadians; Diasporas; Oral History;Photographs & Images.
in English
This online portal is created by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO) to bring together over 1,000 historical photographs, 33 oral history interviews and numerous other archival materials about Chinese Canadian women to address their life experiences, challenges and accomplishments. The years between 1923 and 1967 in Canada were marked by discriminatory immigration policy. During this period of time, severe restrictions on Chinese immigration, coupled with prior patterns of Chinese migration, led to disproportionately few women within the Chinese Canadian population. In spite of this, Chinese Canadian women were able to make a significant impact on their communities and the country that they called home.